What People Are Saying About


"Using Ancestral Author, I easily produced a PDF file that contains a customized document of my genealogical research, with lineages documented in a Register Style report. One of the great things about Ancestral Author is that the Register reports are hyperlinked. Click on a name, and you are brought to the page on which that person appears. The index is hyperlinked, too."

Dick Eastman, Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter, 2 Dec 2004 - Read the Full Review Here

"I wish to thank you and your company for the excellent product you have produced. Not only is "Ancestral Author" a high qualify, easy to use product but the support is outstanding. I am equally impressed with the attitude and receptiveness toward product enhancement suggestions. I am looking forward to using your software and working with you for a long time to come. Keep up the good work and I give you two thumbs up."

James Vondra, AA Customer

"I do appreciate the program greatly. It is one of the best tools a genealogist can have. Second only to the program they use to put in their data."

Robert Haviland, AA Customer

"AA is a great program. I appreciate it's capabilities in helping produce a fine family history. I am dealing with a data base of over 2,000. Sometimes I am overwhelmed with the work involved, but AA has helped me a great deal....I have finished my family history 629 page book which includes eight years of research. I could never have created this awsome looking pages and book without Ancestral Author. I printed, bound and shipped sixty books and all responses were positive! I should have included the following warning - Readers must be able to lift five pounds!!"

Donna Benton, AA Customer

"First of all, what an awesome piece of software; I just launched a website for one of my family branches and I think there would be lots of interest in using Ancestral Author."

Nancy Boggs, AA Customer