Document Your Genealogy


Revision 3.0.0

A major release of Ancestral Author will occur soon. This release will have many improvements over the current release, but it will also have enough differences so that some people may not want to upgrade. Therefore, we plan to maintain the current version of AA (Rev 2.9), and continue to fix bugs and make minor improvements so that people who like it, and don't want to upgrade, can stick with the current version. Those who own or purchase AA 2.9 will be able to upgrade to 3.0 whenever they want, at a discounted price. (Pricing has not been firmly established, but AA 3.0 will probably be priced higher than AA 2.9).

We are looking for people to help us evaluate this next generation of Ancestral Author. While it's not yet ready to replace the current release of Ancestral Author (Rev 2.9), it has many features and capabilities that AA 2.9 does not have:

  • It has support for the UTF-8 character set. This has been an ongoing problem for previous versions of AA which failed to handle most non-English character sets properly. AA 3.0 can interpret and render any character expressed in the GEDCOM, provided the GEDCOM utilizes the UTF-8 character set (which most GEDCOMs do, nowadays).
  • It generates documents that comply with the Open Document Standard (as opposed to PDF), and can be viewed, modified, and printed with the free, open source LibreOffice document processor.

    Within LibreOffice, PDF files can be generated with the push of a button. But more importantly, the document generated by AA can be modified in any way you like. Earlier version of AA produced only PDF files, which were difficult (at best) to modify.
  • Ancestral Author 3.0 will run on Apple Macs, as well as Windows. It also runs on Linux. If there is interest, we can do Linux releases.
  • It has a vastly improved user interface for generating document scripts. Previous versions of AA used a 'wizard' for creating scripts. The new version uses a drag-and-drop interface. This makes it possible to delete and/or rearrange document items - without having to use a text editor.
  • It has extended font support. Any font installed on your system can be used.
  • Imported text can now be formatted in various ways, whereas previous versions of AA would only allow plain text. For example, lists can be created, footnotes and endnotes can be specified, text can be bold, underlined or italicized, and names can be placed in the index.
  • Multiple GEDCOMs can be used to create a single document. For example, if your spouses ancestry is in one GEDCOM, and your ancestry is in another, Ancestral Author can reads both of these GEDCOMs to produce a single document that shows both ancestral lines.
  • A GEDCOM browser is built in to AA 3.0. This browser is ideal for perusing a GEDCOM file. It's used by AA to select individuals from a GEDCOM; but can be used on it's own as a way to conveniently browse and view a GEDCOM file.

If you are interested, send an email to with your name. In turn, we will send you a link to the software, and a registration code. We would expect you to try the software, and to provide feedback on your experience.