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Importing Pictures Into Your PDF Document

You can easily import pictures into your genealogy document using the "Import Text And Images" dialog. Pictures add a great deal of aesthetic appeal to your document, and can personalize it in a way that plain text cannot. Pictures of ancestors, old homesteads, gravestones, and even scanned images of old documents will bring your genealogical research much closer to the reader.

To import JPEG images, choose the "Text File and/or Images" document item:

step6.jpg (32171 bytes)

Then click the "Add Images" button to add as many images as you want. You can optionally import a text file as well. Text will flow around the images:

step7.jpg (44846 bytes)

Press the "Edit Caption/Location" button to choose the location on the page where you want your image to appear, and to specify a caption for your image.

Click here to see an example of an PDF file with imported images and text. The "Import" dialog that was used to create this PDF file can be seen here.

One useful application of the image import capability is to include scanned images of an old documents, perhaps in an appendix. For this application, you would probably center each image on the page, allowing it to occupy the entire page.  For an example of such a PDF file, click here. Click here to see the "Import" dialog that was used to create this PDF file.