FastMenu Wizard - Creating an Autorun Menu


The first few screens of the FastMenu wizard are shown below. These are the screens used to create the menu shown in the example, which can be seen by clicking here.

fm1.jpg (36731 bytes)

This is the starting FastMenu Screen.


fm2.jpg (36299 bytes)

The second screen asks you to select a bitmap. Here
the default is used.

fm3.jpg (34468 bytes)

Choose a caption for the menu.


fm4.jpg (42618 bytes)

The first button will bring up the pictures.html page.

fm5.jpg (49354 bytes)

This is the label of the first button.


fm6.jpg (30092 bytes)

First button done, three more to go.

fm7.jpg (40578 bytes)

When done, save menu in FastMenu.ini