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Step 11
Specify Lineal Descent Report
for Paternal Ancestry

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Here we create a descendant report (in register format) that shows the paternal ancestry of Paul Revere Sullivan back to his immigrant ancestor, Michael Sullivan - without showing collateral lines. To do this, use the top SELECT button to select Michael Sullivan as the root. Use the bottom SELECT button to select Paul's father, Daniel Sullivan, as the 'descendant' individual.

This will create numbered entries in the report for Daniel, his father, his father's father, and so on back to Michael Sullivan. Each numbered entry in the report will show vital information and facts about that person, including who they married, and all children produced by each marriage.

Since we are showing the paternal ancestry of Paul Revere Sullivan, why don't we specify Paul instead of his father as the descendant? The reason is that we don't want Paul to have a numbered entry in this report. He will have a numbered entry in a later report, Chapter V, "Descendants of Paul Revere Sullivan and Ursula Beebe Jones". To give him a numbered entry in this report would result in duplicate entries for Paul. It's OK to create duplicate entries if you want, but for this report we avoid it. Remember that Paul will appear in this report as a child of his father, Daniel, but will not have his own entry.

Set the number of generations to 0. This is the final step necessary to prevent Paul and the rest of Daniel's descendants from having numbered entries in the report. Press the OPTIONs button to include notes for Daniel and his ancestors; and to enable hyperlinks. Then press NEXT.