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Step 19
Specify Lineal Descent Report
for Paternal Ancestry of Spouse

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Here we create a lineal descent report (in register format) that shows the ancestry of Ursula Beebe Jones back to Solomon Jones, who was an influential early settler of Jamestown, NY.

The same strategies apply here as were outlined in step 11. Use the 'root' SELECT button to select Solomon Jones as the root of the report. There is more than one Solomon Jones in the GEDCOM. Select the one that was born 7 Aug 1775 in Mendon, MA. Use the 'descendant' SELECT button to select Ursula's father, Cyrus Emory Jones, as the endpoint of the lineal descent report. Again, there are several with this name in the GEDCOM. Select Ursula's father, the one born in 1863.

Set the number of generations to 0; use the OPTIONs button to include notes, and enable links, then press NEXT.

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