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Step 27
Create Hyperlinks in the Name Index

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The name index will show the pages on which a given person appears. One of these pages will be hyperlinked, so that clicking on it will bring the viewer directly to that page. AA chooses which page to hyperlink based on the following algorithm. If the person has a numbered entry in the register report, the page on which that entry appears will be hyperlinked. If the person does not have a numbered entry, then the first page on which they appear will be hyperlinked.

You can choose a 1 or 2 column name index. A 2 column name index will require fewer pages, and often looks better than a single column name index. We'll choose a 2 column name index for this example; but if you are using a smaller page size (selectable in the AA Options), or if the names look crowded, you may want to choose a single column name index.

Check the 'Create Hyperlinks' box to enable index hyperlinks, and press NEXT.

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