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Step 3
Specify Layout of Title Page

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The title of the document:

Genealogy of Paul Revere Sullivan,
and Ursula Beebe Jones,
Jamestown, Chautauqua Co, NY

is four lines long, so we'll need to use the forward slash character '/' to separate the lines. Enter the title as follows (on a single line):

Genealogy of Paul Revere Sullivan,/and Ursula Jones,/of/Jamestown, Chautauqua Co, NY.

Overwrite any title that may already be there by hilighting it and pressing the backspace key before entering the new title.

Place an image of the O'Sullivan crest on the title page to add visual appeal to the final document. Use the BROWSE button to select the jpeg file at c:\AAtutorial\sullivancrest.jpg.

Create a byline for your document, so that readers can plainly see who wrote it. The byline for this document will be:

Compiled by Roderick B. Sullivan, Jr.
May 2017

Again, use the forward slash character to separate lines:

Compiled by Roderick B. Sullivan, Jr./May 2017

It is best to keep the footer, if any, short. We'll use Sullivan Genealogy.

When you're done entering the data above, the screen should look like this. Press NEXT.

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