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Step 7
Specify Files Containing Introductory Text and Images

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The content of the "Introduction" chapter is stored as text in a file. For the tutorial, we use a file called introduction.txt, which was created by Microsoft Word, and saved as an unformatted text file. At present, AA does not support any formatting except paragraph separators, which are identified by blank lines. Columns, tables, fonts, etc. are not yet supported.

Introduction.txt contains a brief overview of how the genealogy was prepared, who contributed to it's contents, and what sources were used in it's preparation. In addition, it says a few things about the subjects of the genealogy, and identifies some of the unresolved questions and remaining mysteries.

The introduction chapter will also include a picture of Solomon Jones, stored in the file SolomonJones.jpg. The text and image files will be imported with the dialog shown below. Use the ADD TEXT FILE button to select c:\AAtutorial\tutorial.txt. Then use the ADD IMAGE FILE(S) button to select the image of Solomon Jones. The dialog will then look like this:

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We want to place the image in the upper left corner of the page. To do this, select SolomonJones.jpg in the file list, then press the EDIT CAPTION/LOCATION button. You'll see a screen like that shown below:

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Enter a caption - "Solomon Jones, Founder of the Jones Family in Jamestown". Then click the upper left location in the 'Page Layout' box. This will place the image on the upper left quadrant of the page. Click OK to save the changes. The 'Import Text and Images' dialog will then look like this:

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To advance to the next screen, press NEXT.